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Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Art Direction, Packaging

Shipping, as it should be — Shyp is a company based in San Francisco on a mission to change the shipping industry and the behaviors and expectations that come along with it. From their mobile app, anyone can request a pick up and Shyp will not only pick up your item/s but will also pack, price, and send any item, anywhere. 

Rooted in their values, Shyp's rebrand emphasizes simplicity, measured confidence, and the innovation to cut through the bullshit. Their wordmark says exactly who they are without the need of a symbol but an integrated slash that suggest Shyp's middleman position, bridging sender and receiver. By embracing the diagonal of the ‘y’, this dynamic device reinforces the brand’s unique angle and forward-thinking approach. 

Green reveals Shyp's vibrant energy as a new and thriving company, set out to rejuvenate a tired industry. While green was important in capturing the essence of Shyp as a company, the strength of the slash allows for Shyp to take more of a lifestyle approach in their marketing and advertising efforts and to explore photography in way that brings a sense of personality to the brand.

*FPO photography


The last stage of the brand identity was to design Shyp's fleet of courier vans. Exuding the confidence of their wordmark, and the vibrancy of their green, Shyp van's act as eye catching moving billboards encouraging viewers to find out just how simple shipping can be — "Shipping made easy".


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Created at DesignStudio SF in collaboration with Peter McClelland and Ken Watanabe.

Art direction, proof of concept
FPO Photography: Ian Lanterman