Miss Sz



Brand Identity, Art Direction, Packaging

Dropcam is a device that provides peace of mind, allowing you to drop in on the people and places you care about most.
Tasked with repositioning and rebranding Dropcam and extending the new brand visual language across all key consumer touch points, the goal was to create an inviting brand visual language that was both confident and personable.
In June of 2014, Dropcam was acquired by Nest, a Google company.

The art direction for Dropcam began with a series of storylines that best captured the scenerios that the owner of the device could potentially drop in on. Bright, natural light, and bit of whimsy and humor allowed for a lifestyle approach that was emotionally inviting. 


From a packaging perspective, the goal was to create a structure that could be easily grabbed off the shelf with one hand while offering a sense of actual size. Once opened, the product itself is front and center, greeting you with a friendly 'Hello' to personify the technology.


Project Credits _

Created at Character in collaboration with Ben Pham and Megan Berckes.

Lifestyle Photographer: Michael O'Neal