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At -20˚F on Mongolia’s outer steppe, the Hircus goat produces the world’s finest cashmere. Naadam Cashmere pays homage to the ferocity of this unique climate, and celebrates the nomadic herders and the fine garments their cashmere produces. 


With elevated essentials sourced from the finest fibers on Earth and delivered on fair terms, Naadam offers luxury that feels good.

Naadam sources the finest cashmere in the world directly from its herders, partnering with the finest Italian mills to create wearable essentials at fair prices, thereby disrupting the luxury cashmere industry with its accessible ethical standards of luxury.

Every aspect of the Naadam brand is rooted and inspired by the Mongolian landscape and the herders and goats they partner with. From the center justified type alignment alluding to the scattering of goats on a flat plain to the logo mark itself, representing an abstract symbol of the mountainous region at horizon.


Project Credits _

Created in collaboration with Whitney Clark and Gardie Ashforth of Maker.

Photography: Taylor Weideman