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Lolli & Pops


Lolli & Pops is a premium purveyor of candies and confections with stores across the United States. The packaging, the store, the service — the whole experience leverages the emotional potential of candy to live as a fashionably sweet lifestyle brand.


In March of 2014, Lolli & Pops set out to premiere their private label packaging across all stores while developing a new strategy for how to stand out from other candy stores. From flavor and product development to the custom structural package and gold foil trapping, Lolli & Pops is defined by it's quintessential take on purveyed candy confections. 

Near the end of 2016, Lolli & Pops launched their new wordmark and refined identity system.


By strategically honing into the spirit of gifting, the traditional sense of  “a kid in a candy store” is challenged and continues to elevate the brand and product offering.

Today, the Lolli & Pops brand and private label product offering has become a house hold name for all that is sweet, especially during holidays. In addition to their brick and mortar stores, Lolli & Pops private label product offering can be found in airports, select gift stores, and from their website.


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Created in collaboration with Whitney Clark of Maker.

Illustration: Steve Noble