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Adobe Ink & Slide

Adobe Ink & Slide


For the premiere of their first hardware product, Adobe was looking for a unique packaging experience that expressed the essence of creativity.

Inspired by the concept of Pandora's Box, the unboxing experience aimed to create a sense of wonder and engage your creative abilities.

A lot of time and attention was spent on the overall structure of the package. From the inside out, the tray was designed to hold the product as if it were levitating — revealing the treasured essentials underneath; the closure of the encasing box mimics a treasure chest with an edge of technicolor delight; the sleeve went through many exploratory iterations to push Adobe outside of their comfort zone in an attempt to introduce something new within tech consumer packaging.


Project Credits _

Created at Character in collaboration with Paul Miller, William Geddes, and Elliott Tran.

Engineering and Manufacturing: Uneka Concepts